Marketeers have always used numbers to judge the effectiveness of their campaigns. Now, with the advent of big data, companies can take such analyses to an entirely new level. At Austin Labs, we provide deep experience in making the marketing data work for you.

Recommendation Engine

You are about to plan a email campaign which will include personalized recommendations for products. Should you go with what the customer has bought in the past, or stick to items on promotion? We use advanced recommendation science based upon product and user affinities to optimize recommendations for overall profit.


Ad Spend Optimization

What types of keywords and display ads are delivering the best results? In a dynamic, seasonal environment, such questions need to be answered rapidly and frequently. We provide a solution to maximize the impact of ad-spend by predicting lifts based upon historical similarities, point tests, and other economic factors.


A/B Analysis

What gives a retailer more business? Landing Page A or B. Set of keywords A or B or C. To decide such questions in a dynamic environment, there is no time for one-off tests and analyses. Our solution will automatically set up a sampling process and then recommend the best statistically-confirmed options at the earliest.


Marketing-Mix Optimization

ith limited operating budgets, marketing professionals constantly worry about the right combination of campaigns to lift demand. For retailers, the choices could be especially numerous – select promotions, store-wide discounts, ads in local area journals, setting up loyalty programs, a mass email campaign with incentives, to name a few. We use data science to model the lifts under various situations and then suggest the most profitable combination.