Beef, pork and chicken packers and further processors operate in thin-margin volatile commodity markets. Unlike other manufacturers, their profitability critically depends upon pushing the fast-aging products through retail, food service and export markets in a balanced fashion. Meat Analytics will help you take control of your business by providing a sound data-based foundation to your decisions.

  • Know what's truly available to sell in detail by sub-primal and by various quality grades, taking into account the very last order
  • Know where you're long or short and what to do to snap back to a balance position
  • Increase customer service rates by optimally mapping meat supply to demand
  • Minimize production of unsold boxes
  • Evaluate sales performance against the market. Know how your team is doing before it's too late.
  • Optimize make sheets to drive profits and customer service
  • Analyze USDA market data for trends, seasonality, and relative performance. Have access to trend forecasts on your fingertips.
  • Analyze your brands perception by geography and week on twitter. Measure the impact of your campaigns.