Twitter has been shown to contain statistically reliable sentiments about events, personalities, and also brands. Meat brand managers have always struggled to understand how consumers perceive their brands. Traditional techniques such as surveys tend to be cumbersome besides suffering from small sample problems. Twitter Meat Dashboard allows brand managers to track what consumers, food critics, and food ambassadors are saying about their brands day to day. Brand managers can analyze which tweeters have the most influence in the community. They can measure the buzz created around new products or events that negatively influence their brands - breakout of diseases, recalls, food poisonings etc. They can compare their brands to their competitors and study how their peers project their brands on social media.

  • Track all tweets, very recent to old, related to your brands in one dashboard
  • Breakdown tweets by protein, product, time or brand
  • Identify the most re-tweeted tweets and their source
  • Measure the influence of events - positive or event - on your brand
  • Do a comparative analysis between competing brands
  • Identify the biggest influencers in the context of your brand


  • Improve brand perception
  • Improve campaign performance